Dream11 App Download – ड्रीम 11 से कमाए 2 करोड़ रुपये

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dream meaning dream to make your dream come true dream 11 is such an application on which you can making dreams come true can you dream11 fantasy game on which you can play fantasy game Are and your money easily in your bank account Withdraw if you earn money from dream11 if you want dream11 app download can do

How to download Dreem 11

To download Dream11 application, you have to follow the steps given below.

Step 1 dream11 To download the application, first of all you have to follow the steps given below click on download button To do

Step 2. After this you will be directed to the official website of dream11

Step 3. After this you have to open the dream11 application download To do

Step 4.. After download you can install it on your mobile phone

how to register in dream11

Step 1.first of all you dream11 have to open the application

Step 2, after that you Registration button to click


Step 3. After clicking you will find in the bottom left side Have a referral code to click on

Step 4. After this you have to enter the Invite Code. DUSHYA5852TU This code is to be entered if you enter this code then you get a signup bonus of ₹ 200 from which you can play fantasy games



Step 5. After this, you will verify the OTP by entering your mobile number, then your register process will be complete.

After registering, it comes to play the game, for this you will have to add money in dream11, to add money, I have mentioned below, by reading which you can add money in dream11.

how to add money in dream11


dream11 To add money, first you have to click on the wallet icon, after clicking on the wallet icon add cash You have to click on the button, after clicking you will enter your amount.

Amount you want to add, after that you have to click on the Continue button, if you add money for the first time, then you will have to verify your identity here, here you can verify your identity with your Aadhaar card. identity verify can do

After identification, you have to pay with your payment method, after payment, your money will be credited to your account. dreem 11 wallet I will be added after that you can invest your money in fantasy game

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how to create team on dream11

dream11 But to make a team, you have to open the application, after opening the application, you will click on whoever you want to make a team, after clicking like you can select cricket here.

what you like what you know about if you like cricket you like cricket Knowleagde If yes then you can select cricket and make your own team on cricket. win lakhs and crores of rupees First of all you have to open one

After opening, you have to select the player of your team, about whom you know and who plays well, then you can select that player here, by selecting wicketkeeper, all rounder, batting player and bowling player here. Dream11 Team Today can make

And why when the match happened and when your players will play the match and on playing your players will get points and according to the points you will get rank here which will give you Bryant

Accordingly you will be given rank here and according to rank you get money here if killing first rank But you get ₹ 10000000 – 20000000

How to earn money by referring on Dream11

dream11 But to earn money by referring, you must have a dream11 account, only then you earn money by referring dream11, then there is no such thing, everyone will have a Dream11 account and will be earning money from it.

So let me tell you how much commission does dream11 give you for referring dream11 Gives you a hundred rupees bonus on friend gives 50% discount

Here the offers keep changing day by day, here there is a trending refer program going on, if you do this here, then you get to see extra cash here.


how to withdraw money from dream11


To withdraw money from Dream11, first of all you have to click on your profile icon, after clicking on the profile icon, you will see your my balance click on Are

my balance After clicking on you have to verify your identity here, after verifying you have to enter your on here

The number of amounts that you want to rebel and you are busy, if you click on withdrawl, your video will be closed within 5 minutes in your bank account.


How does Dream 11 work?

In Dream11, users have to make a team using their knowledge related to cricket. In this you have to choose pro players from both the teams, who play best in the match. If your selected players do not play well then you lose that contest.

Is it real to win dream 11?

No, there is no Dream11 fix. You will win or lose the competition according to the performance of your teams.

Does Dream11 really give 1 crore?

A Class VII student from Murgud in Kolhapur district has won Rs 1 crore by forming a winning team on the Dream11 fantasy gaming app. The student, identified as Saksham Bajirao Kumbhar, formed a squad for the third ODI between India and New Zealand to be held in Indore on January 24.

Is Dream11 safe for bank account?

However, there are some states where Dream11 is not legal in India. This is because the laws in these states are unclear as to whether games of skill can be played for a fee. It is completely safe to provide PAN and bank details to Dream11 Fantasy Cricket.


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