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Teen Patti Master old Version || Teen Patti master old version || Bonus 1550₹ || Withdraw ₹100/- Teen Patti Download App

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Teen Patti Master old Version || Teen Patti master old version || Bonus 1550₹ || Withdraw ₹100/-

Teen Patti master old version : Hello Friends, if you like to play online Rummy Games , then Online can only earn Real Money. Rummy or Teen Patti is both skill based games. Rummy and Teen Patti are popular mental activity. You all know that Online Teen Patti and Rummy are very common this day.

We can all play online games like Teen Patti and Rummy. We play Games and we can make true friends.

Teen Patti Luck Download – Luck Teen Patti Apk and

Today, you have come up with an Earning Application for all of you. The Games of this App will be able to earn money Online and along with New new Friends will also be able to make money. The Games provided in the Apk have posture to play and have an intuitive user interface. You will enjoy playing with all the games around the world.

The best part of this Application is that you have been given a Withdraw program of only₹ 100 rupees. If you are looking for an Application that 1550 By providing a bonus of ₹ rupees and allowing you to play New Games with Rummy and Teen Patti, this Application can be great for you.

About Teen Patti Master Old Version

The only two(2) Card games played with this Application are Rummy and Teen Patti. Instead of just one or two(2) types of Game, it gives Application Users access to a large selection of games. And just you know, it also includes three(3) Categories of Games. If none of your Friends want to participate in the App,

By recommending them and using the Daily Bonus Key, you can continue to earn money. Additionally, we would like to tell you that there are three(3) different game Categories available on Master 3 Patti Old Version.

In Last, it guarantees that you will not Experience any Game-related Problems . Also, get the Latest Software .

Download Teen Patti Master Old Version 1550 Get ₹ Bonus. And even if you Register your Mobile Number 1550 Get ₹ bonus. Download Button is below; Hit that Download Button as soon as possible to avail this Offer.

Rummy Elite App Rummy Elite Apk SignUp Bonus

You can also Download this Application on the Official Website. Go to the Official Website or Click on the Download Button and Click on the

Download Button on the page that opens to get this App. Then the Download will Start.

Note: – If you are downloading the Apk for the first time in your Mobile Browser, then the option “Unknown Source” will have to be enabled to Install this App.

How Do I Sign Up For The Master Teen Patti Old Version Apk ?

Once you have successfully registered an Account with it, you will be able to access the Teen Patti Master Old Version 1550 You will receive a ₹ Sign up Bonus . Also, after creating a Profile for yourself within this Application. As a Result you will immediately get access to all the Facility of the app.

Below is a Detailed Tutorial that will help you in the process of signing up for this Program. You can Follow the Steps below to Set up your Account in this Application.

  • 1. Play as Mobile (mobile number to Login)
  • 2. Login With Facebook
  • 3. Play As Guest

Download and Install Teen Patti Master Old Version on your Mobile Device and Start it.

• Now you 1. Mobile Login or 2. You can log in using the Play as Guest, which is two (2) s Available.

• After that, select the option to log in by using Mobile Login. OTP is used in the Verification Process of Mobile Number .

• Once the one time Password (OTP) for your Mobile Number is valid, your Account will be Active.

* Additionally, in your Account as soon as Processed 1550₹Bonus Credit will be added .

You can make this App thanks to The Daily Bonus feature of this Application. You can Qualify for FREE Bonus by logging into our application Daily

Here, you have a chance to get a Daily Bonus anywhere from₹ 10 to ₹100 rupees.

The higher your VIP Member Level, the more Daily bonuses you will be eligible for at this location.

Games Available In The Master 3 Patti Old Version App !

Friends, remember that each of the above Games faces Financial Risk, and if you play carelessly in this Games, you too can lose. Only 18+ Players have Permission to play this game.

9Rummy APKThe Master 3 Patti Old Version

Friends, Period Report shows that this Application is doing well. And it has a Big user base, so even if you have Games to Use it, you can get a lot of money by playing these Games. Don’t forget to Download this Application. Because if you give money, you will make a lot of money.

  • 1. Point Rummy
    2. Crash
    3. Andar Bahar
    4. Car Roulette
    5. Jhandi Munda
    6. Dragon Vs Tiger
    7. Explorer Slots
    8. Safari Of Wealth
    9. Gate Of Olympus
    10. Golden India
    11. Slot
    12. Let’s Party
    13. Bikini Pararadise
    14. Cricket Heroes
    15. Zeus
    16. 7 Up Down
    17. Mines
    18. Horse Racing
    19. 3Patti War
    20. Red Vs Black
    21. Muflis Teen Patti
    22. Wingo Lottery
    23. Ak47 Teen Patti
    24. Baccarat AB
    25. Candy Party
    26. Zandu
    27. Fishing War
    28. Pot Blind

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Master 3 Patti Old Version is an Application that you can Use to get money by giving your Friends Suggestions in the best References and earn in the App Category. You can only get Share Bonus.

Which we have already mentioned and it has 30% Commission on it because in the Method of this Application only Special Events are displayed.

The” Refer & Earn ” Button is located on the Home Page of the Website, and clicking it will give you a Reward for referring a Friend. When you Click on the “Copy Link” Option to Copy your Referral Link, you can Post it on any Social Networking Platform you plan.

This will enable you to make payments to refer people.

You need to Click the Refer & Earn Button on the Home Page. If you have a reference & Earn and you want to Claim the earned Commission from it. After that, you can submit a Claim for received Commissions.

As a Result you can get your Commission. When you have taken a Decision, clicking will display a List of all commissions you have earned so far, with a Button Label. By selecting it and then clicking the Receive Button right next to it, you can get your Commission.

Add Cash Program !

It is necessary for those Players to Deposit their money in the App so that they can play the Causes of Nature Games of many Games. To participate in the Game, these people have to Follow it.

When you play Master 3 Patti Old Version, you are at risk of losing money, but if you want to take that chance, you have to put a Bet of at least ₹100 (Minimum Permission) in the Games.

Click the “Add Cash” Button.

* You have two(2) options before pressing the Confirm Button : either choose one of the “Add Cash” Drop down menus or type your Amount in the corresponding Text Field.

• Then it will Switch to another Browser and direct you where you have to provide some Bank Details or UPI Information before completing the Payment.

• After that, you will receive Payment.

• As soon as Payment is properly processed, which should only take a few minutes, your money will Move to your Account.

• Your money will be credited to the account immediately after Payment is completed successfully, which should not take more than a few minutes.


Rummy Soft AppTeen Patti Master

If you want to Add your Money, and how much ₹rupees Bonus you get when you Add the Money, then we get the following kind of Bonus.

  • • Add 300₹ & Get 15% Bonus
    • Add 500₹ & Get 20% Bonus
    • Add 1000₹ & Get 20% Bonus
    • Add 3000₹ & Get 25% Bonus
    • Add 5000₹ & Get 30% Bonus
    • Add 10000₹ & Get 30% Bonus
    • Add 20000₹ & Get 30% Bonus

If any of you Recharge your Mobile for more than ₹500 then you will get an Extra Reward.

Under this Program you get 2(two) Features. First(1). The feature is for 7 days and the second(2). The feature is for 30 days. And these two programs also work in a very fun way, so you can earn a lot of money.

  • 1. Weekly Card
  • 2. Monthly Card

1. 7 days: – if you guys Invest Rs 500 in this Program, you will continue to get Rs 80 per day and it is Valid for only 7 days, and you will get Rs 100 immediately. But if you go to this Program, then you are going to get a total of ₹660 rupees in it. In which your Profit is going to be Rs 160. Because of which this Program also proves to be very good.

  • • – Get Rs₹ Cash Now
  • • – Get 80₹ Cash Every Day

2. 30 days: – if you guys Invest ₹3000 in this Program then you will continue to get ₹100 per day and it is Valid for only 30 days, and you will get ₹ 1000 immediately. But if you go to this Program, then you are going to get a total of ₹4000 in which your Profit is going to be ₹1000. Because of which this Program also proves to be very good.

  • • – Get Rs₹ Cash Now
  • • – Get Rs₹ Cash Every Day

Apk Withdrawal Program From 3 Patti Master Old Version

However, one aspect of the App that is ideal is that you can also access the UPI feature. Therefore, Master 3 Patti Old Version allows only Bank Withdrawal and UPI. This is the case, and considering it, you can’t Withdraw less than ₹100 from your Bank.

The Steps below can be used to learn how to Withdraw money from Teen Patti Master Old Version. After that, you can Withdraw money from the App.
• You must have a Level of at least ₹100 before adding Extra Gamers to your Gaming Account. After that, and only then, you will be able to do it.

* When you Click the Withdraw Button on the website’s Home Page, your Bank Information should be recorded. The Previous Stage will end successfully .

• He will confirm the Name, Your Name and your Bank before giving you the Account Number and IFSC Code. Then he will press the Confirm Button.

• Once all your Banking Information is entered, the Amount Box will appear in front of you to Input your Amount. Once you enter the Withdrawal Amount

* And Click on the Confirm Button, the transaction will be completed.

• You can view the History of your request of your Withdraw Money by selecting the Record Option, which is found on the left side of the Screen.

You will find this Program at the bottom of the Home Page.

To get this Program, first you need to Install and Open the App and Click on the Free Button, in this you get a Free Bonus of up to ₹200. But you have to follow some of its Rules, which are as follows.

* Invite a Friend first.

* If Friends are connected to your Link, the Claim Button will be highlighted.

* If you reach level 2024 of Teen Patti Master 10 and you start getting 33% Commission. So you will be able to Claim this 200 Bonus

VIP Program For Master 3 Patti Latest Version

1. Sign up Bonus : as a VIP Member of Master 3 Patti Latest Version, you can earn an Extra Daily Login Bonus by logging into the App on a Daily basis. Even if you stop playing the Game, this Bonus will remain active as long as you Use the App. If you want some Extra Bonus, be a VIP so that Add Money to the App to Use for Casino Games is less of a hassle.

2. Weekly Bonus: as I mentioned in previous reviews, only VIP Members are Eligible for Weekly Bonus in this Application. Here the situation is similar. Only after becoming a Member will you be eligible for your Weekly Bonus.

3. Daily Bonus: If you become a VIP in Teen Patti Master Latest Version, you will not only get Daily and Weekly Bonus, but also Monthly Bonus from this Teen Patti Master Latest Version.

4. This is a very valuable benefit of becoming a VIP in the Monthly Bonus : Master 3 Patti Latest Version . Your Monthly Bonus will be available in the App on a monthly basis, and you will be able to Claim it in VIP Tab. VIP members will get an Extra Bonus to Login every day.

Master 3 Patti Latest Version Daily Login Bonus Feature

Friends, if you are New Users, this Option is given to you guys. You can Claim the bonus First.

Friends, you have to log this App Daily to make a Reward Claim. You can make Daily claims inside this game. The Bonus that you get in this is not even more and can not be less.

This Mail Program can be accessed by selecting it from the Menu below. In some Apps, an Icon for Mail may also appear for this reason. Under this Mail Program, you can Choose from many different types of Mail, all of which will give you News and Update on the App. With this Master 3 Patti Latest Version, the App has a Mail Program that can give you a Bonus of Rs. ₹100 Or More ।

Friends, you have also been given a Mail Program in the Application. You can get instant Information about new updates and Features to be added to this Application using this Function. Any recently released updates for this Program will be immediately notified to you by the medium of the program’s Mail features.

Friends, if you want to get Extra Cash then you will be given a Mail Program from the Company, on which you will get all the MSG, which will be sent from the Company and some of them will come from the Company.

You will get msg of all these Programs Withdraw, Rechage, Service, Refer & Earn Etc.

Teen Patti Master Latest Version Customer Care Support

If you Use any included Application and there is any type of Error inside them, Customer Support for this Apk can be very helpful for you guys in such situation. The inside is quite well equipped, and Customer Support Online is also available.

  • 1. Recharge Help
    2. Withdraw Help
    3. Bonus Help
    4. Invite Friends
    5. Daily Rewards
    6. Cards
    7. ID Help
    8. Other Help

As you can see in this List above, you are given very good Customer Support at many different points. So you guys can get Support through all of these, for each one different Problem.

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Is Master 3 Patti Old Version App Safe ?

This App has been winning the hearts of many people for a long time and offers Excellent Service and Payment, despite the Fact that you could not find Master 3 Patti Old Version on the Play Store. This does not mean that this App is unreliable, however, the App has been doing well for too long.

You are free to assume that you are Capable of making full Use of this Application, as it provides the Features and Services you need.

  • • HOW TO DOWNLOAD Teen Patti Master Old Version.?
    • HOW TO EARN Teen Patti Master Old Version.?
    • HOW TO LOGIN Teen Patti Master Old Version.?
    • HOW TO ADD CASH Teen Patti Master Old Version.?
    • HOW TO GET EXTRA BONUS Teen Patti Master Old Version.?
    • HOW TO REFER & EARN Teen Patti Master Old Version.?
    • HOW TO WITHDRAW Teen Patti Master Old Version.?
    • HOW TO CUSTOMER SUPPORT Teen Patti Master Old Version.?

Customer Care & Services Support In Teen Patti Master Old Version

There is also a customer Care facility .

If you ever find anything mushkeli about the App, the use of Customer Care will help you to remove your mushkeli by reporting your mushkeli in Customer Care.

Note: – this Game involves financial risk. This Game can be addictive. Please play carefully with your responsibility. Only 18+


So friends, today we gave a little information with you, this little Information was about a new App. The name of this App was Master 3 Patti Old Version. We hope you liked this Information.

How Does This Teen Patti Master old Version reduce us today, how to Download the App ? , What is the advantages of this App ? We hope you have come to know about this App. I hope you guys liked this Article.

You must be aware that it involves financial risk and can also get used to it. Therefore, in the App you should put your Hard Money only in a Limit.
Share the Link of this Article to your Friends who like to earn Real Money by downloading Teen Patti / Rummy Game.

We often bring information about New Teen Patti and Rummy Games to this Website. And Friends if you like to know about New new Games, then friends visit our Article every day.

So that you get information related to the latest Games. Thank you all for reading our Article to the end.

Thank you all for reading our Article to the end.

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