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Rummy Circle Download – रमी सर्कल ऐप्प डाउनलोड

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Due to Coronavirus, there have been many changes in people and people have started earning money. gaming have chosen the platform and people are earning lakhs of rupees by playing the game out of which Rummy Circle Online Gaming is the platform on which you Lakhs of rupees by playing games can earn if you want to earn money sitting at home then you Rummy Circle App Download can do

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App Name Rummy Circle
App Size 36MB
MOD Info Rummy Circle Apk
Last update May 2023
publisher Rummy
Genre Rummy Circle Apk
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Rummy Circle App Review – What is Rummy Circle App?

rummy circle

Rummy Circle is India’s most popular Rummy game which gives you a chance to win real cases Rummy Circle Apk But you can earn money sitting at home, you just have to play the game.

You can earn money by playing more games and you can withdraw this money in your bank account. Rummy Circle App But you get ₹2000 Welcome Bonus on signing up

And you can also earn a lot of real on RummyCircle by referring and withdraw in your bank account, so what are you waiting for? Rummy Circle Download do it

Rummy Circle App Download – Rummy Circle App Download

If you want to download Rummy Circle app, then it is very easy to download, whose process is given below.

Step 1, To download Rummy Circle, you have to click on the download button below

Step 2. After this you will be redirected to the official website of Rummy Circle App

Step 3. after that you Download Now button to click

step 4, After this, your browser will ask for permission to download, then you have to OK the permission, then your rummy circle app download will happen

Step 5. After download you can install it on your mobile

Rummy Circle Login

You have to follow these steps to login Rummy Circle

Step 1, First of all you have to open Rummy Circle APK

Step 2. After this you have to enter your mobile number

Step 3, After entering the number, you will see Have an Invite Code below? to click on

step 4, After this, the option of Inter Invite Code will open, then you will have to click here. Dk650707 Enter and click on the Get Start button below

Step 5, After this OTP will be sent to your mobile number, by entering which you will verify, then your login process will be completed here.

Note- If you use Invite Code then you will get ₹2000 Welcome Bonus

Rummy Circle App Promo Code – Rummy Circle App ( Promo Code )

Promo Code What is Promo Code How to use Promo Code What are the benefits of Promo Code big cash bonus can get

When you add money for cash bonus on Rummy circle, you are asked for promo code here, you can get extra bonus by applying promo code here.

There are many types of promo codes in which you get extra bonus, in some promo code you get 100% bonus and in some you get 30% bonus and in some you get 50% extra bonus when you add money here. Are

So You Can Get Extra Bonus By Using Promo Code Here Also By Add Money Here And You Can Use This Extra Bonus In Playing Games And When You Convert It To Winning Amount You Can Withdrow It In Your Bank can also

How to Play Rummy Circle

rummy games

You get three types of Rummy to play on RummyCircle. Point Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy These three types of Rummy are available to play, whatever you like here, you can earn a lot of money by playing that game.

To play Rummy, first of all you have to open the Rummy Circle application, after that you have to add money in the Rummy Circle app, after adding money, whatever Rummy you want to play, you will click on it here.

If you want to play Point rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, then you will click on whatever you want to play here, after clicking, you will select your entry amount here, you will click on Play Now below. will click

So you will reach your table and cards will also be given to you and you can win by playing rummy here and you can also withdraw your winnings to your bank account.

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Rummy Circle Customer Care Number – Rummy Circle Customer Care Number

If you play Rummy on Rummycircle and you face any kind of problem like you are doing Withdrow, then your Withdrow goes into processing and your money does not come in your bank account and while you add money, the money is withdrawn from your bank. If it is cut off and not added to Rummy Circle, you can contact Customer Care No.08080894422 to solve similar problems.

Rummy Circle Withdrawal / Withdraw limits

To rebid in RummyCircle you have to first do RummyCircle KYC

Step 1. First you have to click on 3dot

Step 2, After that you have to click on the drop down button

Step 3, After clicking on the withdrawl, you have to add your bank account or UPI ID.

Step 4. After this you have to enter your withdrawable amount and click on withdrawl button then your withdrawal will be submitted and after 5 minutes your money will be credited to your bank account.

Rummy Circle Refer And Earn

rummy circle refer and earn

Rummycircle provides a very profitable refer program for its players you earn real cash case for tournament level symbol case game played by your friend

When your friend plays for 3:30 hundred you earn your first share of ₹50 and then you can get 9 share of ₹50 for Preeti

You can earn ₹500 cash bonus on every friend you refer

chunks Friend’s Played Amount Notes
1st Chunk ₹350 ₹50
2nd Chunk ₹333 ₹50
, ,
10th Chunk , ,

Total amount = ₹50+ ₹50*9 = ₹500

Terms and Conditions

  • Membership of your referred friend is subject to the fulfillment of all applicable eligibility and verification procedures.
  • Only eligible friends will be considered for determining the ‘Bring a Friend’ bonus.
  • You confirm that the friends you refer are known to you and do not restrict your promotional communications in any way.
  • You confirm that you will not create more than one email address and refer to it with your User Account.
  • You understand that RummyCircle will use third party websites to import your address book containing the email addresses of friends and acquaintances to whom you wish to send invitations. You acknowledge and agree to the use of your address book by such third party websites for the said purpose.
  • You also acknowledge that such third party websites are governed by their own terms of service and privacy policies.
  • When you follow any link outside RummyCircle, it is your responsibility to read and understand the privacy policy of such websites and you indemnify and will continue to indemnify RummyCircle to the full extent of any loss caused to RummyCircle due to violation of such privacy policy .
  • Sending invitations or bulk mail (‘spam’) to unknown persons soliciting registration is strictly prohibited. Referrals obtained through such unsolicited communication shall not be valid referrals for the purpose of determining the Bring a Friend Bonus.
  • This Bring a Friend Bonus offer is valid only when your friend registers using the link provided by you in the referral or reminder email. This offer is valid from 25th March, 2020 and any referral made before that will not be eligible for this offer.


In this article I have encouraged people who love to play games and who want to earn money by playing games. I have given you full review about Rummy Circle app here. You can earn money in this article, I have done full guide here, you can earn a lot of money by reading this article.


Is RummyCircle real or fake?

RummyCircle is 100% safe and secure on which you can earn a lot of money by playing the game on this you also get the resolution to do complete KYC and you can lock your money in your bank account from this game

Is RummyCircle legal in India?

Rummy circle is legal game because it is a skill game on this game people earn money from their skill and that’s why app and this is real rummy cash game

Does rummy give real money?

If you win a rummy game, you can either use the winnings to play more rummy games, or you can choose to withdraw the winnings in real cash instantly.


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