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Friends, if you want to “Rummy Moment Apk Download” and earn thousands of rupees every day, you can do so. So this app will be very special for you because it allows you to earn money by playing games such as Teen Patti and Rummy. If you want to download this app, the link is provided below. You can get this app by clicking the download button in the following paragraph.

About Rummy Moment APP !

So, friends, if you want to “Rummy Moment Mod APK Download” and also learn how to make money in this game, this article will teach you everything you need to know about making money with “Moment Rummy Mod APK Download.” First and foremost, when you sign up for this game, you will receive an immediate 10 bonus that you can use to play the game.

How to “Rummy Moment APP Download”?

Now that you’ve downloaded Moment Rummy APK, you can create an account in this app. So, here’s how you can sign up for this game:

  1. First, download the app from the link provided.
  2. Then put it on your phone and launch it.
  3. As a result, you’ll see the options “Play as Guest” or “Mobile.” Select “Mobile.”
  4. To sign up, you must first provide your phone number and a password.
  5. You will receive an additional Rs.41.
  6. This bonus can now be used while playing the game.

Customer Service Rummy Moment APK Number

If you require Customer Support, you will find it within this Rummy Moment APK. The service time is up to 24 hours, so if you need help with anything inside it, you can get it during that time. If you need assistance via email, please contact “”

Rummy Moment App Withdraw Program!

Rummy Moment App Withdraw Program!

Within this application, you have the flexibility to withdraw funds either from a bank account or through UPI. When it comes to the gaming aspect, the minimum amount you can withdraw is ₹30, while the maximum stands at $5,000. Rest assured, winning a minimum of ₹30 is indeed possible. It’s worth noting that this app boasts Payment Verification, ensuring that your accepted payments undergo smooth processing. Feel completely at ease; there’s no need for any concerns on your part.

How Do You Withdraw?

  • First, download and install Rummy Moment APK on your phone. Then you can open it.
  • When you first launch the app, go to the home page and click the “Withdraw” button.
  • You must decide which bank or UPI to use to receive your funds.
  • To get your money, click on the button, enter the amount, and then click on the “Withdraw” button.
  • Your withdrawal has now been processed.
  • Then, click the “History” button to select the “Withdraw History” checkbox.
  • So you must have received your money, and you will then be able to determine where it came from.

Rummy Moment APK Download

Rummy Moment APK Download link btn

If you want to “Moment Rummy Mod APK Download,” you can do so by visiting the app’s official website and clicking on the download button below. You can use this app and get it quickly this way.

Rummy Moment APK: How to Refer and Earn

Rummy Moment APK Refer & Earn

There is a share option inside the app if you want to make money through the Refer & Earn program in Rummy Moment APK. If you invite 20 friends, you will receive a 150 bonus, and this game has a very high bonus. A commission program has also been established. If your player re-ups, you will receive a 30% commission for life, which means you can make an unlimited amount of money. You can also make money through affiliate marketing. Is.

How to Become an Agent –

This app has an excellent agent program in which you receive 30% of all money earned by the player you brought in. Not only that, but you can also earn a lot of money each week by using a program called Weekly Bonus on Referral. If you download and install Rummy Moment APP;

Weekly Reward –

Bonus From Bonus To Extra Bonus
₹1000 ₹3000 ₹500
₹3001 ₹5000 ₹1000
₹5001 ₹8000 ₹3000
₹8001 ₹10000 ₹6000
₹10001 ₹15000 ₹10000
₹15001 ₹20000 ₹15000
₹20001 ₹30000 ₹20000
₹30001 ₹50000 ₹30000
₹50001 ₹80000 ₹50000
₹80001 ₹100000 ₹80000
₹100001 ₹9999999 ₹200000

Add Cash in Rummy Moment App.

Moment Rummy APK Add Cash Program

Should you have the Rummy Moment APK installed and wish to top up your account, you have the flexibility to do so in increments of either 11 or 2,000,000. This versatile app allows you to seamlessly add funds (in the form of chips) to your Paytm or UPI accounts. Utilize your credit or debit card to add money effortlessly, enabling you to dive into the game with ease. Adding funds is a straightforward process, and in case you encounter any issues, our customer service is just a message away.

How to Deposit Money in Rummy Moment

You can add money to this app in the following ways:

  1. To play the hottest game, launch the Rummy Moment APP.
  2. On the home page, click the “Buy” button. Select the amount to be added, then click “Add Cash.” Then you’ll see a button where you can choose between UPI and Paytm.
  3. After selecting UPI/Paytm, click Next Step.
  4. After completing the KYC details, you will be directed to the payment page.
  5. You will be able to add money after filling out your payment information.

Money-Giving Offers –

This app contains some additional offers on Add Money. Here are a few examples:

  • 1000 + 2% = 1020
  • 3000 + 2.5% = 3075
  • 5000 + 3% = 5150
  • 8000 + 3.5% = 8280
  • 10000 + 4% = 10400
  • 30000 + 4.5% = 31350
  • 50000 + 5% = 52500
  • 100000 + 5.5% = 105500

Moment Rummy Apps can be downloaded here.

Despite the fact that this game is not available on the Google Play Store, you can trust it because it is 100% Verified. So you can add your own money to it because the money you win in this game can be transferred directly to your bank account without any problems or fees. If you have any problems, you can also contact Live Customer Service. It also claims that you can get help via WhatsApp 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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FAQs about “Rummy Moment APP”

Q.1. How much money can you withdraw from Rummy Moment Game ?

Ans. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.100/-.

Q.2. What is the “Rummy Moment Mod APK Download” sign-up bonus?

Ans. The Moment Rummy app has a 40 sign-up bonus.

Q.3. How much can you squeeze out of Moment Rummy Hack APK?

Ans. The maximum amount you can withdraw is Rs.50,000/-.

Q.4. How many different types of games are there in “Moment Rummy Mod APK Download”?

Ans. Moment Rummy Game has 23 different game types to choose from.

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