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If you want to earn without investing money, then our article today is going to be very useful for you. Because today we are going to share Speed Rummy Apk 2022 in our article. Speed Rummy Apk is a Game Application. Where you are given some Games, you can win Online Money by playing.

In this Smartphone era, everyone likes to play games. Of course if you have a Mobile, you will also have a passion for playing the Game. If yes, you can also win Online Money by completing this hobby with Speed Rummy Apk Game. The entire process of downloading this app is given below. So let’s know –

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App Name : Rummy Speed
Publisher : Rummy Game
App Size : 31.22 Mb
A version of the App : Latest
Sign Up Bonus : ₹30
Speed Rummy Refer Code : 10201158
RummySpeed Refer and Earn : Sign up for 30₹ and Up To 30% Refer + Weekly Bonus
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Internet पर Online Games खेलकर Online Earning करने वाले कई Games App मौजूद है। उन्ही उन्ही Games apk में Speed Rummy Apk का नाम आता है। जो कि काफी काफी प्रचलित गेम एप्लीकेशन है।

Speed Rummy Apk जिसे जुलाई 2022 में लांच किया गया है। और वर्तमान समय में इस एप्लीकेशन को इंटरनेट से मिलियन यूजर्स के द्वारा डाउनलोड किया जा चुका है।  जिससे पता चलता है कि Speed Rummy Apk कितना Popular और भरोसेमंद Game Application है।

Speed Rummy Apk जो User को Sign Up करने पर 39 रुपये के बोनस को उपलब्ध करवाता है। इस बोनस राशि का उपयोग करके ही आप Speed Rummy Apk में उपलब्ध Games को खेलकर पैसे जीत सकते है। So Friends अब अगर आप भी इस एप को Download करके पैसा कमाना चाहते है। तो हमारे इस आर्टिकल को अंत तक ध्यानपुर्वक पढ़ें। तो चलिए जानते है –

₹5000 Bonus Terms in Speed Rummy Apk

• This Offer is valid for the first deposit made by players on Color Rummy through online payment options only.

₹5000 Bonus Terms in Speed Rummy Apk

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• Bonus Offer value: Up to 50% Bonus, maximum amount of ₹5000 when a player Adds Cash for the first time. E.g. 1: If you add ₹2000, the maximum bonus that you will be eligible for is ₹1000. E.g. 2: If you deposit ₹10000, the maximum bonus you will be eligible for is ₹5000

Minimum cash to be added for availing the Bonus is ₹ 50. Maximum Bonus amount is ₹ 5000.

• Claim Period: The Bonus must be earned (disbursed) within 30 days of adding cash during the validity of the offer.

• Bonus release: For every 10 you cost,1 Bonus will be released into your deposit balance

• No additional chunks of ₹ 2000 Bonus will be added after the Claim Period.

• One Account: One player can have only one account on Color Rummy. If multiple accounts are detected, the entire bonus amount on all accounts will be canceled.

• KYC and Phone Number must be verified for unlocking bonus.

• Release bonus will be credited to deposit balance automatically.

• Bonus with earlier expiry date will be released first.

How To Download Speed Rummy Apk, Speed Rummy App, Speed Rummy APK Download, Speed Rummy Game


Speed Rummy Apk से अगर आप Game खेलकर पैसे कमाना चाहते है। तो इसे आपको अपने Mobile में Download करना होगा। इस एप को Download करना बेहद आसान है। नींचे हमने Speed Rummy Apk Download Button दिया है। जहां से क्लिक करके आप आसानी से अपने Smartphone में Download कर सकते है।

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How To Sign Up in Speed Rummy Apk

How To Sign Up in Speed Rummy Apk

As we have told you above, Speed Rummy Apk gives 39 rupees to Sign up. Sign up on this app is quite easy. You can follow the following steps to Sign up.

Step1 – Speed Rummy Apk को ओपन करें।

Step2 – आपको नींचे Sign Up के Button पर Click करना होगा।

Step3 – mobile Number डालकर Next Button पर क्लिक करें।

Step4 – mobile Number पर एक OTP मिलेगा। उसे Box में डालकर Submit button पर Click करे।

Step5 – Submit Button पर क्लिक करते ही Sign Up हो जाएगा। और आपको 51 रुपये का Bonus राशि मिल जाएगा।

Available Games In Speed Rummy APK

Available Games In Speed Rummy APK

Speed Rummy Apk has not one of the different types. You can earn money by playing. The Games List is given below.

  1. ICC T20
  2. Dragon Vs Tiger
  3. Car Roulette
  4. 7 Up Down
  5. Zoo Roulette
  6. Ander Bahar
  7. Roulette
  8. CRASH
  9. Teen Patti 20-20
  10. Rummy
  11. Teen Patti
  12. Baccarat
  13. Black Jack
  14. Best Of Five
  15. Ludo
  16. Variation
  17. Poker
  18. 10 Cards
  19. 3 Card Poker
  20. Fishing Rush

Refer And Earn Program in Speed Rummy Game

Refer And Earn Program in Speed Rummy Game

You get an option of Refer and earn in this application. How many people do you join in this application under refer and earn features. If all the people or whatever referral plays the game by adding a payment to their account, then you receive a commission. The person you come to join if that person invests the amount of rupees in playing the game. And in some amounts, you get 30% commission of how much rupees are taxed. You will get this commission for a lifetime as long as the one you join will add money to your account and play the game.

How To Add Money In Speed Rummy Apk

In this app, you get a bonus of Rs 39 for signing up. Which you can use to play the Game. In addition, if you want more money ed. So, you can add money by entering UPI ID and UPI Pin. Then you can win money by playing any Game present in this app. You get the facility to add at least ₹10 payment in this application. Apart from this, you can add a maximum of ₹100000 payment at a time here. You get cashback of 1% to 5.5% in different amounts for adding payments here.

How To Cash Withdraw Speed Rummy Apk

If you have won money by playing the game with Speed Rummy Apk. You want to Transfer that money to your Bank Account. So you can Transfer by following the following steps.

Step1 – सबसे पहले आपको Speed Rummy Apk को open करना होगा।

Step2 – Open करने पर आपको Cash Withdrawal का विकल्प मिलेगा। उसके ऊपर क्लिक करे।

Step3 – अब आपको Bank Detail भरनी होगी।

Step4 – Now आपको Amount भरें।

Step5 – अब Transfer Button पर क्लिक करें।

Step6 – अब आपके Bank Account में पैसे आ चुके होंगे।

Disclaimer: this game involves financial risk. You may get addicted to this game. Therefore, all of you are requested to play this game on your own responsibility and at your own risk.


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