Shagun Rummy App Download

Shagun Rummy App Download | Shagun Rummy App |Best Rummy App 2023

Shagun Rummy App Download | Shagun Rummy App |Best Rummy App 2023

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Shagun Rummy APK Download | Shagun Rummy App | Best Rummy App 2023 : Friends, all of you are once again welcome to this post of new Rummy. In today’s post, we will give you information about the newly launched Rummy Apk. In which you can play Cards Game like Rummy and Teen Patti of your choice. By the way, there are many of you who play games like Rummy and Teen Patti.

Inside this new Rummy App, you are given a Free Sin Up Bonus of Rs.55. You can use this bonus to play games. Inside the app, you get many options to earn money. Using which you can earn a lot.

You get to play many types of games inside the app. You can play whatever you like. Together you can transfer the money immediately inside the Bank Account. You have to fulfill the required criteria to withdraw the money. To get more details about Shagun Rummy Apk you have to read the article till the end.

About Shagun Rummy Apk

Talking about Rummy Apk, so far Shagun Rummy Apk has been downloaded up to 4 lakhs. Apart from this, people are earning thousands of rupees per month by playing the games given in the app. The best thing about this app is that you get the option to withdraw money instantly and get the option of getting many types of bonuses. You can get these bonuses.

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Shagun Rummy APK Features

Some of the major features of Shagun Rummy Application are as follows.

Cash Withdrawal Option : Inside the App, you get the first option of Fast Cash Withdrawal. Through which you can withdraw money instantly. To withdraw this money, there should be at least 100 rupees inside your app. You can also withdraw more money than this. But the minimum amount has been kept at Rs 100 in this app. If you want to withdraw more amount through Apk then you can withdraw at least Rs 1,00,000 through this App.

SignUp Bonus Program : On creating an account, you are also given Sin Up Bonus from Apk. For this, you have to enter all the information inside the Apk. Here, after getting the mobile verified, you are credited inside the Bonus Account.

Refer And Earn Program : Inside Apk, you also get the option of Refer And Earn. For this, the App has to be shared with your friends and on Social Media Account. You get a unique link inside the application. Share this link with your friends and relatives. People who will download Apk through your link, you get up to Rs 100 per Referral. You can use this bonus while playing the game.

Multiple Games Option : In Rummy Apk you get options to play many types of games. You can play whatever you like. But for your information, let us tell you that you play that game which you can play well. This increases your chances of winning money.

How To Download Shagun Rummy APK

Friends, you can easily downlaod this Apk. You can easily download it from Play Store. You can also download the Apk by following the steps given below.

  • To download the Apk, click on the download link given in the post.
  • After clicking on the link, you will reach the main website of Apk.
  • You get to see many types of options on the home page of the website.
  • By scrolling down the website, you get the link to download the Apk.
  • You click on that link and download the app in mobile.

How To Create Account In Shagun Rummy Apk

To play online game, you have to create an account in it. Due to which you will also get Bonus. You get many types of options to create an account. Out of which you have to select the option of creating an account from Mobile Login. You go to Mobile Login and enter your number and click on Get Otp. After entering the OTP, your account will be verified.

How To Add Money In Shagun Rummy Apk

You can also add money inside this game. For this you will get the option of Add Money in the App. After going to this option, you have to enter the Payment Option. After this fill the amount and click on Add Money option.

How To Cash Widrawal in Shagun Rummy Apk

Withdrawing money through Apk is quite easy. For this, you have to go to the Cash Withdrawal option given inside the Apk. In which Bank Account Number and Amount will have to be filled. After this click on the option of Cash Withdrawal.

Spin Cash In Shagun Rummy

In this application you get spin features to get free bonus. Through spin features, you can get free bonus ranging from ₹ 2 to ₹ 100 by daily spin in this application. In this application, once you add a payment, you get a chance to do one free spin. You can get cashback bonus by spinning as many times as you pay in this application in 1 day.

Customer Support

Customer support features are provided in this rummy game application for the convenience of all the users. If you have any kind of problem in this rummy game application, then you can solve your problem by talking to the direct customer care officer given on the home page. All your problems related to this application are solved immediately.

Note : This game involves financial risk. You can get addicted to this game. So all of you users are requested to play this game at your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you have any kind of problem in this rummy game application, then you can solve your problem by talking to the direct customer care function. Also you can not hold us our team website owner liable for any kind of financial loss in this application.


Friends, in today’s article, we have given you all the information about Shagun Rummy Apk. You can earn a lot of income using this app. I hope this article will prove useful for you.


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