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Playing rummy and earning money is different thing but what i tell you that you will make money without playing rummy from a Slots Master.

Yes, you heard it right You can make your regular income by refer Slots Master with you friend and you will gate 30% to 60% bonus everyday of his total tax amount as a referal bonus and You can withdraw your referral income directly into your bank account. Personally, I’ve earned over 100K+ using the Slots Master app.
Follow this Step And start earning without playing game in Slots Master.

1. Launch the game and click on “Share.

2. Earn rewards by inviting friends:

    • Successfully invite 1 friend: Get 80Rs
    • Successfully invite 2 friends: Get 90Rs
    • Successfully invite 3 friends: Get 100Rs
    • Successfully invite 4 friends: Get 100Rs
    • Successfully invite 5 friends: Get 100Rs
    • Successfully invite 6 friends: Get 100Rs
    • Successfully invite N friends: Get N*100Rs

How to Refer and Earn with Slots Master image 2

3. How To claim regualr referal Bonus.

  1. Click “Refer & Earn” on the bottom left.

How To claim regualr referal Bonus image 1

4. 2. Click “Claim” on the upper right and this amount will add in your wallet and you can withdrawl this amount any time.

How To claim regualr referal Bonus image 2




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